Hey guys,

I am kinda starting to get slack with news and such so I have nearly decided to just do the “What I’m Listening To” segment (which I know you all love) for the time being, just while I catch up on some things, so I will try and release them more regularly. This week I have a new clip from Boy & Bear, a softer song from Biffy Clyro, a grouse new song from Washington, a clip from one of my new favourite bands Eleventh He Reaches London, and a mad live version of a song by Efterklang.

Have fun…

1. “Rabbit Song” by Boy & Bear

These guys are really beginning to make a name for themselves, and this track will be the one to put them in the spotlight. It is a really laid back song with an awesome video.

2. “Manny Of Horror” by Biffy Clyro

Hopefully if I get some friends I will be seeing Biffy Clyro live tomorrow night at the Hi-Fi bar. This is a track off their amazing album “Only Revolutions” and shows the softer side of the band.

3. “Rich Kids” by Washington

Dam she cool, like really cool.

4. “Oh, Brother” by Eleventh He Reaches London

I have to thank my mate El Capitano for showing me this amazing band. This track is absolutely awesome in every way check it out and let me know what you think.

5. “I Was Playing Drums” by Efterklang

This live version gives so much light to the original song and if you haven’t checked these guys out yet, I suggest you do by starting here.


Hey guys,

Wow new albums are coming out left right and centre, what am I going to do with myself. This week I have a new clip from Parades, a beach song from Local Natives, a psychedelic masterpiece from Tame Impala, an awesome new one from Cloud Control, and a bit of shoegaze from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

Have fun…

1. “Loserspeak In New Tongue” by Parades

Finally Parades have released their debut album “Foreign Tapes” wooooooo. This is one of the new singles off it and is quite strange structurally, anyway have a listen and see if you like it.

2. “World News” by Local Natives

I really like Local Natives debut album “Gorilla Manor” and over the past few weeks has just been growing so much more on me, and I think it is a real contender for a top spot on lists at the end of the year. This is a real “as the video suggests” beachy song.

3. “Solitude Is Bliss” by Tame Impala

It’s psychedelic gold with with vocals reminiscent of a young John Lennon, an amazing effort from these guys, I cant wait for their new album.

4. “This Is What I Said” by Cloud Control

Cloud Control have always been one of my favourites and this is a new track from them off their first full length “Bliss Release”, really a great song, especially on those long drives.

5. “Higher Than The Stars” by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

This is a really interesting song which caught my eye, kinda sounds a bit ’80s to me, anyway have a listen and tell me what you think.

Hey guys,

I have been super super super busy lately and I am soooooo sorry I haven’t been updating you with yummy stuff recently, turning 18 brings with it not alot of spare time, but, I’m back and hopefully (in between schoolwork) I can be back on track with sharing new stuff with you. This week I have a killer track from Avi Buffalo, some new Deftones, some chirpy stuff from The Radio Dept. an absolutly amazing track from Dead Letter Circus and some great stuff from The Tossers.

Have fun…

1. “What’s It In For” by Avi Buffalo

Avi Buffalo have just released a standout album of the year which I think sounds like a very folky/acoustic MGMT, I am really digging it and I think these guys will get pretty big soon. Thanks for the heads up WeAllWantSomeoneToShoutFor.

2. “Diamond Eyes” by Deftones

I am freakin’ adoring the new stuff from Deftones and I cant wait to get my hands on the new album. This track is absolutly awesome, I hope the rest of the album is as good as this.

3. “Heaven’s On Fire” by The Radio Dept.

The new album from The Radio Dept. “Clinging To A Scheme” is definitely a contender in my eyes as one of the best albums of the year, this is the newest single off that album. It is so tasty I just want to eat it up.

4. “Big” by Dead Letter Circus

Talk about most anticipated albums, I have been waiting for a full length effort from Dead Letter Circus for ages. Finally the new album is upon us, and this is the new single.

5. “Katie At The Races” by The Tossers

A good old Irish tune from The Tossers, if your into stuff like Dropkick Murphys or The Pogues, you should love this.

Hey guys,

Since last week was kind of a special/unusual “What I’m Listening To” I have decided to do another one for you guys, aren’t I nice. Anyway this week I have for you a song from one of my new favourite bands The Kissaway Trail, a really cool track from Veil Veil Vanish, an old favourite from Maxïmo Park, one of the best songs ever by Neutral Milk Hotel, and an upcoming single from Biffy Clyro.

Have fun…

1. “SDP” by The Kissaway Trail

Wow this is an awesome band that I discovered only just recently and have fallen in love with. They are from Denmark and this song “SDP” is one of my favourites of the year.

2. “Modern Lust” by Veil Veil Vanish

Thank you Sunny for showing me this band. If you like The Cure, then you will love this.

3. “Books From Boxes” by Maxïmo Park

This is one of my old favourites that I have only started really getting into again recently. It is a really nice song and is one that will always be popping up in my music listening sessions.

4. “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel

This is perhaps one of my favourite songs of all time from one of my favourite albums of all time. It is a big statement yes, but if you know Neutral Milk Hotel, you could see how I could state this, and if you don’t know Neutral Milk Hotel, then by the end of listening to this song you will see too.

5. “Bubbles” by Biffy Clyro

All though this song is on Biffy Clyro’s newest album “Only Revolutions” which was released at the end of 2009, they have decided to release it as a single, with a brand spanking new video, for your hearing and viewing pleasure.

Hey guys,

Ok now for something completely different. So, last night I went to see funny man Ross Noble strut his stuff at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda, with my main men (minus a few) Age and Hen. After bingeing on some MicyD’s we made our way over to the theatre for the start of the show. As we sat down blue grass filled the air, but not your typical blue grass, oh no, this was unlike anything imaginable, and for god sake their was a lizard/octopus/turtle monster in the room with four Ross Noble heads (apparently one had a stroke). Anyway the song we heard were an array of covers from Green Day to Europe all done with a distinct bluegrass feel, I admit I was intrigued. The next day I searched long and hard for these songs and it eventually paid off, because I found a SHIT-LOAD. So for this week’s what I’m listening to I am filling you with blue grassy covers.

Btw, I CBF soing little descriptions for each of the songs, so I’m just putting the main info.

Have fun…

1. “When I Come Around” by Honeywagon

Ok so this is a cover of Green Day’s classic “When I Come Around”

2. “Breaking The Habit” by Cornbread Red

How I love this cover of one of my favourite Linkin Park songs.

3. “Fade To Black” by Iron Horse

Metallica at it’s folkiest.

4. “Clocks” by Old School Freight Train

Instrumental version of Coldplay’s song, would nice with some vocals but still good.

5. “Paranoid” by Iron Horse

And finally Black Sabbath’s Paranoid.

Hey guys,

This is the newest video from Foals off their upcoming sophomore album “Total Life Forever” which is due out on May 10. I think this is one of Foals best video efforts, apart from their earlier video for the new song “Spanish Sahara” which I think is absolutely brilliant. Anyway I was first notified of this new video from my mate Nick’s Blog, make sure you check it out cause it has some pretty good stuff on there. Anyway check out new Foals.

“Blue Sky Noise” by Circa Survive


BEST TRACK: “Through The Desert Alone”

FOR FANS OF: Saosin / Portugal. The Man / Minus The Bear


The third album from Circa Survive can be seen as their big chance to show that they can do it better than other progressive rock bands. For me I have always thought Circa Survive were great but not awesome, they have released some standout songs however they always manage to somehow get lost while my iPod fills up with new music. The few extremely memorable tracks like “The Difference Between Medicine & Poison Is In The Dose” surface somewhat now and then, but few others do. I really think that this album has defined Circa Survive as one of the best at what they produce, and I don’t think I will be losing them within the thousands of songs on my iPod again any time soon.

I did this piece for the awesome music site PositivExposure, so I can’t put the whole review up, so…