Hey guys,

This is a cool little interview I found from one of my favourite bands, Foxy Shazam. It is taken straight after they performed a SXSW gig in Austin, Texas. They say that they will be touring heaps over the Summer (our Winter), and hopefully, hopefully, they will make an appearence in Australia. If you guys are offended by male nudity and crude behaviour, then you would not want to be around me when Foxy announce an Australian Tour.

Watch The Interview Here


Hey guys,

This is the video from Titus Andronicus’ sophomore album “The Monitor”. The song is called “A More Perfect Union” and is, like the rest of the album, concerned with the American Civil War. It is a great song so check it out and let me know.

Hey guys,

This is a brand spanking new video from Lightspeed Champion. It’s off his awesome second album “Life Is Sweet Nice To Meet You” and it reminds me heaps of like early Beatles stuff with a twist. It has that same sounding progression as early ’60s music, a very ’80s video clip, and what do you know it’s released in the 2010s. Ahhhhhh, music today makes me smile.

Hey guys,

I just got back from my holiday in Queensland so, sorry for not having updated you guys with anything for the past few days, but what can you do. Anyway here is the newest “What I’m Listening To”. This week we have a song from Jónsi’s new solo album, an Angus song from Angus & Julia Stone, a really quirky one from Darwin Deez, a prophesy from Incubus, and a new song from Midnight Juggernauts.

Have fun…

1. “Boy Lilikoi” by Jónsi

I wasn’t feeling too good on the plane, but Jónsi helped me through it. This is one of the many amazing songs from his debut solo album after announcing the hiatus of his band Sigur Rós.

2. “Big Jet Plane” by Angus & Julia Stone

This is one of those sad but awesome songs. It has a really calm progression throughout the song, and I think it is one of the highlights on the new album.

3. “Radar Detector” by Darwin Deez

This is a really cool song, very quirky and uplifting. It has a really fun quality to it, and has a really cool video aswell. What more could you want.

4. “A Certain Shade Of Green” by Incubus

“Are you gonna stand around ’til 2012 A.D.?/ What are you waiting for, A Certain Shade of Green?.” Well…are you? This song is off Incubus’ 1997 album S.C.I.E.N.C.E which in my opinion is one of their best. This song is funk metal in the greatest sense.

5. “Vital Signs” by Midnight Juggernauts

Loving the new Juggs and cant wait for the new album, honestly how much longer do I have to wait. This song is simply grouse with a really psychedelic video clip. Check it out.

Hey guys,

Pretty soon Linkin Park will be releasing a new video game called “8-Bit Rebellion” for iPhone and other iDevices. The game will feature a 8-Bit soundtrack of the bands music and also will allow you to create your own character and connect with people online through it. At the completion of the game, players will be given a new song from Linkin Park called “Blackbirds”. Mike Shinoda has said that they will continue to update the game, to make it enjoyable for everyone over a long period of time. The release date is for April 26 (My Birthday :P), so keep an eye out for extra information until then.

Here is the trailer for the game.

Hey guys,

I just found this mad mash up, featuring the likes of Matisyahu, Blink 182, John Lennon & Bob Marley. The song is called “Imagine One Day (So Far Away)” and it is one of the better mash ups out their at the moment. Check it out and let me know if you dig it.

Hey guys,

It’s holidays so I have been a bit slack recently, but the next “What I’m Listening To” is here. This week I have a beautiful little number from Local Natives, an underrated classic from The Beatles, a great song off Secret & Whisper’s new album, a laid back track from The Radio Dept, and electro filled experience with an awesome video from Caribou.

Hope you enjoy…

1. “Airplanes” by Local Natives

This is a really nice song with really moving lyrics and great musical elements. These guys will be topping some lists at the end of the year, check out this song from their new album “Gorilla Manor”.

2. “Girl” by The Beatles

This has to be one of my favourite song by The Beatles. It is one of their songs that is sometimes overlooked even though I think it is a great example of their true skills as songwriters. If you haven’t heard this song, give it a go and tell me if you think it’s underrated.

3. “Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)” by Secret & Whisper

This is the first single off “Teenage Fantasy”, an album which I have been waiting ages for. The new track shows that while keeping the Secret & Whisper sound, it still manages to stay fresh. The new album is out today.

4. “David” by The Radio Dept.

I discovered this band about a year ago when I was playing pool at Red Triangle. I heard it coming through the speakers and had to ask the guy who they were. He offered to put all their albums on a memory stick if I had one, but I didn’t, so I downloaded some stuff as soon as I got home. Anyway this is a track off their upcoming album, and it is a great one.

5. “Odessa” by Caribou

This is a really cool track with a killer opening riff. It is quite different from the old stuff, but it is still a great track. New album is coming out soon.